Dieter Haselbach

Following his first job as a researcher and university consultancy lecturer, Dieter Haselbach found that his interest in social systems and organizations lay not just in the form of sociological models, but above all their practical forms. He has been a full-time consultant since the end of the 90’s. His clients are primarily in the cultural and public sector. Despite initially having concentrated on feasibility checks and technical questions of business organization, his specialism has now moved to organizational development, planning, cultural policy systems and participation processes. His expertise stems from his extensive professional experience and his long-standing commitment to research and cultural policy. Haselbach continues to work on the side as a university lecturer in Marburg and a visiting lecturer of international applied (Center for Cultural Research in Berlin) and sociological basic research. His joy in the vocation of consultancy has remained the attraction to this profession for him.


  • Organizational development
  • Cultural policy planning amid social and political change
  • Public participation
  • Cultural and creative industry
  • Broad knowledge of internal institutional structures and processes in culture

Past Projects

  • Klassik Foundation Weimar
  • Theatres in Berlin, Trier, Mannheim and Ruhrgebiet
  • Museums in Dresden, Herford, Dessau, Hünxe and Leipzig
  • Deutscher Bundestag, European Union, States of Niedersachsen and North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Capital of Culture “Ruhr.2010”
  • Cultural development plan for Leipzig, Emden, Göttingen, Brixen, Herford and Rüsselsheim
  • Federal Minister of the Interior and State of Sachsen (Demography)
  • City and event halls in Lüdenscheid, Rheine and Dinslaken

Good to Know

  • He is part of the editorial team of the complete works of the founding father of sociology, Ferdinand Tönnies, and is currently editing his major works ‘Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft’ (Community and Society).
  • Gets around by train and folding bike.
  • He has a passion for climbing mountains and picking mushrooms.

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