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Eva-Maria Windhagauer

A system in which human potential is optimally utilized - Eva-Maria Windhagauer considers the design of such a system as essential and aims to make a significant contribution to it in her role as a consultant. She places the human being at the center, following the motto "A company is only as good as its employees." As a trained psychologist, she brings scientifically based methodological knowledge and approaches things with exceptional foresight. Her involvement with Austria's largest student consulting organization during her studies enabled her to drive various projects forward and work on different problem scenarios. Analyzing the current status quo, developing common goals and solutions, and holistically shaping this process brought her great joy. Through her activities as a study assistant at the University of Graz, her experience in recruiting at a globally leading consulting firm, and her involvement in various extracurricular organizations, she has developed a solid understanding of change processes and a sensitivity to team dynamics. Her project work is characterized by a holistic perspective, empathy, and motivation, always paying close attention to the individual needs of clients.


  • Supporting HR projects
  • Expertise in the areas of job crafting, job satisfaction, and positive psychology
  • Change management and process facilitation

Past projects

  • Veterinary University of Vienna
  • University of Graz
  • globally leading consulting firm
  • various psychiatric institutions

Good to know

  • She enjoys spending her free time engaging in creative hobbies such as jewelry design.
  • A good and exciting book is always a must.
  • Always on the lookout for a beautiful sunset in various places around the world.

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