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Henri Norio

Henri is a management consultant focusing on creating sustainable growth in the areas of innovation, development, leadership and strategic transformation. Growth and transformation aspects are core of his interest and expertise areas. He is identifying key gaps and obstacles hindering growth/transformation, plus identifying actions to remove them. Often we are dealing with change, how do organizations and people inside them arer able to adapt to new working conditions and evolving business models. It is factinating era of leadership and change management. His typical assignment is to be a consultant/coach for driving change at across organization, department and team levels.


  • Business development and change management
  • Creating od growth and innovations
  • Business Process Management & Leadership
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching

Past Projects

  • Saalasti
  • Pa-Hu
  • Efecte
  • Midagon
  • Darekon
  • Aurora infrastructure
  • Uniqair
  • Superpark
  • Stera Technologies

Good to Know

  • He lives in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, has a family and a nine-year-old son.
  • Master of Economics (KTM), Vaasa University
  • More than ten years of experience in business consulting
  • Joined ICG Innotiim in 2023

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