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Miia Jaatinen

The creation of meaningful work and workplace is central in people management. Together with stakeholder groups, a manager builds common understanding about change in external environment, goals of the organization and successful ways of operation. Understanding of these elements is also a source of motivation when these meet the values of an individual. Innovations are born on the basis of new ways of perceiving the world and require a culture that supports new ideas and experimenting but also sustainable choices. All this is guided by creating shared meanings which are best conveyed by visions, values and stories as well as practices led from them. Miia has over 20 years of experience in the management and facilitation of development and innovation projects in companies and public organizations as well as in their networks. In addition, Miia has researched and coached innovation and change management, network management as well as management and organizational communication. Miia guides your organization in strategy processes, cultural transformation, management of networks and innovation as well as spars and coaches management in communication and interaction with stakeholders. Miia brings a participative approach to development, innovation and coaching and activates participants in learning and co-creating new things.


  • Leading people through meanings and culture: visioning, storytelling, values and practices
  • Management communication, interaction skills and participation
  • Management of collaboration and networks
  • Management of innovation, development and change
  • Projects: co-creation and co-design methods, facilitation

Past Projects

  • North Karelia wellbeing services county
  • City of Vantaa
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
  • Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
  • VTT
  • Tampere Vocational College Tredu
  • Wärtsilä
  • Tikkurila
  • Lappset
  • Save the Children
  • ProAgria

Good to Know

  • Meaningfulness, continuous renewal and collaboration are the key to success in the complex business environment and for the inspiration of employees
  • Visual arts and literature open up new perspectives to me, and they create new understanding of the world when shared with friends
  • Japanese garden is my source of strength. Cherry blossom is the best time of the year
  • I get new energy from a good workout in the gym and by relaxing with my family

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