Mikko Hietanen

“Mission first. Safety always.” This slogan will never grow rusty, but it has gained new dimensions during the years all over again. Mikko’s motto stems from his previous career as a Finnish Air Force’s F18 Hornet fighter pilot and Chief of Finish Military Aviation Flight Safety. Fighter flight operation features multilevel risks. It is supposed to be effective and economical but at the same time safe. How can this be achieved? Strong safety culture does not arise by itself. It requires professional expertise in safety management. An essential part of it is an effective safety management system which produces extensive situation awareness to the whole organization. Mikko finds it important to find the true development areas and tailored measures together with the client. With his help, several organizations representing different fields, such as healthcare and manufacturing, have started purposefully to develop their safety management in the spirit of ”Mission first. Safety always”.


  • Safety Management
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Human Factors
  • Evaluation of safety culture

Past Projects

  • Technology and manufacturing
  • Health care
  • Aviation
  • Defence technology
  • Insurance
  • Authorities

Good to Know

  • Likes preparing food, boating, and walking in the wild with Domi, the miniature schnauzer.
  • Starts the mornings by swimming in a lake all year round.
  • Active sports enthusiast: golf, jogging, gym.

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