The training deals with all the essential phases of every project and teaches participants the key techniques, necessary for proper project management. Discover proven tools od project management and try them on practical examples.

Our project management training will help you deliver smarter solutions on time and within budget. We believe successful projects can be achieved only by a combination of structured “hard” project tools with “soft” project tools, ensuring the acceptation of a requested change, which arises from the project. In practice it means that we deliver to participants not only project management tools, but also change management techniques.

During the training, we will introduce the techniques and tools of project management in a very practical form. This combination will allow participants to successfully implement project assignments in the role of project manager, but also places great emphasis on accepting changes in the organisation without much resistance.

The whole training is based on practical project management exercises and individual work in smaller groups simulating work in a project team. We implement the training as a 2-day program, which we can then support by personal coaching and support after the training.

Typical areas where you can use the training

  • Functional management of work does not suit your book anymore and your company is transformed to project way of management.
  • Project managers have managed projects by “feeling” so far, and they now need to use professional techniques.
  • Projects fail to meet planned targets in time, cost and quality.
  • Projects are perfectly managed where organization is concerned, but the environment does not accept the change that the project brings.

You will learn to

  • Understand the principles of project management in daily practice.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of individual participants in the project.
  • Ensure a successful course of the project and maximize the project‘s outcome.
  • Know how to apply the project management and control tools
  • Schedule change activities throughout the project.
  • Be able to communicate and cooperate with the team.

Why Project Management Online Training?

  • Experienced lecturer supports participants during the course.
  • Maintaining the basic pillars from Standard course: participants in small groups solve real case and develop a goal, stakeholder analysis, project plan, risk analysis etc.
  • This model provides teaching without travel costs and full-time absence from work.
  • Everything is based on the use of new digital tools ZOOM, Menti, Miro and Odoo platform – a modern and efficient form of digital collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Possibility of discussions with other participants from other companies in real time through virtual mini-workshops with digital applications.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – we will return 25% of the fee back in case of subject dissatisfaction
  • Training materials provided online


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Consultants Milan Gazdík and Libor Čadek are reflecting the development of online trainings and discuss positives, challenges and describe the whole journey and toolset used in our virtual sessions.
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