Our training introduces the tools and techniques for solving innovation problems in a way that developing solutions is not just fixing the issue but bringing a whole new level of added value. Creative problem solving and ideation are the backbone of innovation. All too often we feel least inspired precisely when we need to be the most creative.

In our training we introduce the tools and techniques for solving innovation problems. These methods do not only focus on fixing the problem but will yield extra added value for the company.  Creative problem solving and ideation are the backbone of innovation. It happens all too often that we are least inspired precisely at the time when we need to be the most creative. In our unique training, we will show participants a variety of ways to get inspired and create ideas that can later be transformed into successful solutions for any innovation agenda. Participants will, moreover, acquire a robust toolkit for dealing with challenges when implementing innovative solutions.

Typical Cases

  • Your team is caught in stereotypes and suffers from operational “blindness“.
  • You hear very often: “this is not possible“ and you want to change it.
  • You are bored with classic brainstorming.
  • Your team is technically focused and you need more creativity.

What you will learn

  • Tools for inspiration and icebreakers.
  • Techniques and models of idea generation.
  • Idea application and adaptation.
  • Simplex: roust creative solving method.
  • SSM: dealing with complex issues.
  • Constructive controversy: improving solutions.
  • Inductive reasoning: limited number of inputs.
  • Appreciative inquiry: looking for what’s right.