How to Make Transformation Happen

Given that change is a constant in organizations, we must ensure it doesn’t fail. To guarantee successful change, 43 ICG consultants have authored a book that concisely and effectively outlines the essential ‘ingredients’ for ‘Change That Works.’ Designed as a playbook and accompanied by an extensive toolbox, it provides everything you need to set up, manage, or advise on change initiatives across 400 pages.

What you’ll discover:

  • Fundamental principles of change management, enriched with the latest insights from neuroscience
  • Tailored strategies for designing your unique change journey.
  • In-depth exploration of change sprints, change stories, power dynamics, and experimental approaches.
  • Practical guides for 14 common change scenarios covering innovation, culture shifts, reorganization, leadership development, and digital transformation.
  • Access to an online database featuring 100 essential tools to empower your change initiatives.

“Change That Works” bridges timeless principles with the challenges of the 2020s, providing actionable solutions. Enhanced by the witty illustrations of acclaimed artist Tex Rubinowitz, this book is your compass for transformation in the modern era.

Dive into the playbook of change and transform your approach to meet today’s demands. Ready for a sneak peek?