Choose Dialogue

Truly effective meetings and conferences are based on dialog. It is about having the right people talk about the relevant topics. ICG uses agile and dynamic facilitation methods for transferring information efficiently such as Pecha Kucha, the “market-place” and “World Cafe”. Dialogue in small groups alternating with short presentations of results in the plenary ensures efficient links of information and know-how and – as an intended side effect – creates a community and ties among people from different departments.

Based on a common understanding of the topic and its relevance, solutions are created by using agile and dynamic methods. We apply problem solving and decision making methods like Future Creation, OPERA, group-EXPO, sociocratic decision making and HOPE. These methods avoid fruitless discussions. They use the maximum individual thinking capacity , ensure an efficient interlinkage of creativity and know-how and include critical voices.

A meeting – small or large – is empowered by raising emotional involvement, team spirit and energy through playful elements. The latter can range from short energizing activities to overcome tiredness after lunch to more sophisticated exercises which allow new insights into the culture, dynamics and typical behavioral patterns of the group.

Decisions Based on Commitment

By the end of the meeting, common clarity about the situation exists, hot issues have been addressed and agreements have been committed to. Besides these factual results, the group has strengthened a culture of dialogue and efficient problem solving.