A visit to Innospace+

During our study trip across China we had a chance to visit the premises of a community and space service provider called Innospace+ in two locations in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Our host, Miss Emily Xu, took us on a 60 minutes excursion around all major areas of the place and afterwards we had another 60 minutes presentation and discussion about the whole concept and successes that Innospace+ has reached so far.

Innospace+ at a glance

Innospace+ was established in 2011 and since that time it has been providing a comprehensive solution platform for entrepreneurship including InnoSpace for incubation, InnoWork for co-working space and IPOclub for Start-up Café, InnoMaker for hardware innovation and InnoLive for living. The combination of these key elements aims to satisfy the demands of the entrepreneurs in all areas ranging from work, growth, communication and life.

In words of facts – more than 400 Start-ups there been incubated so far, 46 Start-ups successfully invested with a 5-year survival rate 70%. Entrepreneurs total valuation is 1,7 billion Yuans. It was awarded as “Top Accelerator” in Shanghai and is in the top 10 in China for 3 years in a row, which are amazing results.

It is not just Innospace

Interesting fact for me was that Innospace+ in Shanghai is a project which is part of a much broader field called KIC (Knowledge & Innovation Community) which is home for over 10 neighboring major universities, colleges, sports clubs and amusement and shopping areas. This city-core development aims to create an environment that fosters technological innovation and entrepreneurship like that of Silicon Valley and provides a knowledge based on the “Work-Live-Learn-Play” community inspired by the Left Bank in Paris. Placing strong emphasis on education, technology, culture, research and business incubation, KIC has a goal to be a multi-function community where people live, study, work and relax.

Most energetic in China

At the end of our visit, during our discussion, we focused on concrete examples of successful Start-ups and their business models that came from Innospace+. Companies like Xingzhe (app that can record cycled trails, statistics and planned cycling routes), Irfans (internet education IP focused on photography aesthetics) and Geefish (gesture recognitions that can be supported by AR/VR) directly prove the words of Miss Xu that Innospace+ has built an ecosystem which is the most comprehensive and energetic in China. Based on what we have seen, I think there is no reason to doubt it.

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