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Create space for effective problem solving!

We live in a time when we do not know what will happen in a week, a month or a year. We have an idea of ​​what we would like to achieve – a direction, but we do not know the way – a solution. At present we have reached the limit of our knowledge and we must look for new ways to deal with the future.

You may be wondering what to do next. What will work in the coming days and months and what will not. All that remains is to start experimenting. What is the difference between a real experiment and a trial and error method?

One big difference is how much it costs you and what you get in the end. How do you really learn something from the next steps, even if they don’t work out? How to minimize losses if your experiment fails?

I offer inspiration from a functioning scientific approach to problem solving proven by years of practice.

You can get more than just inspiration at our Kata Coaching / PDSA training, where we will prepare you for the practical application of the scientific approach and how to use it for effective problem solving.

A few introductory questions:

  • Are you looking for a way to do things better and create space for others to do things better?
  • Do you believe that people want to do things that make sense to them correctly and responsibly, just like you?
  • Do you also get lost in big programs, where you waste most of your energy (sorry, but you can’t call it differently) for program administration and you can hardly see any contribution to the company’s culture?
  • Are you trying to get leaders and managers more into the process without solving problems for your people, but creating space for them to develop in problem solving skills instead?
  • Do you have employees in your company trained in many process improvement techniques and feel that their skills are not fully used in daily working life?
  • Are you considering how to improve the cooperation of production and support departments (technology, development, quality)? Are you wasting time by “finger pointing” instead of effective teamwork?
  • Have you tried many things in process improvement activities and it’s still not “it”? Do you want to involve as many employees as possible in the active improvement of production and administrative processes?
  • Are you able to finish solving problems successfully or do you jump from one to the other without tangible results and are you captive to the daily “festival of priorities”?
  • Why does it work so well for Toyota and not with us? Is it really in people or rather in what space we create for them? What does Toyota do differently?

Are you addressing any of these issues? Then the next lines of the article are just for you.

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