Anna Vaihinen

Someone said that ”Everything is related to everything” - doesn´t mean anything. But Anna would say that successful leadership is all about relations! Leading human beings requires skills and knowledge, but also courage, creativity, listening and empathy. These are the right materials for building a healthy, safe and productive workplace, working environment. Join Anna in this challenge, together you can take leadership, safety and wellbeing to the next level. She has a holistic perspective to developing safety and leadership, thanks to her wide experience from different environments, both challenging and rewarding leadership situations and solving various customer service cases, especially in the Police forces. Anna’s sharp social eye helps her to see behind scenes and she tends to listen very carefully, gets everyone involved. The most important thing is to identify the strenghts and development targets in the working culture, leadership, communication and interaction. Identifying the human factors and taking them into consideration in leadership, supporting them in our common processes is crucial in developing a good, healthy safety culture.


  • Developing leadership and safety culture
  • Human Factors
  • Comprehensive ergonomics
  • Resilience
  • Interaction and communication
  • Safety Management
  • Evaluation of safety culture

Past Projects

  • Luvata
  • Outokumpu
  • DSM dairy products
  • VR
  • The City of Turku
  • Finnish Immigration Service
  • Valmet Automotive
  • Paroc

Good to Know

  • Family and friends are Anna’s everything, together they love spending time outdoors, playing board games and cooking
  • Passion for music, especially singing
  • Active sports enthusiast – is there a sport she hasn’t tried?

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