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Elina Toimela

The key to successful change is to understand what is essential to the customer. How do we make work processes more efficient and improve results? Activities should be done in a straightforward and customer-friendly matter, while keeping bureaucracy to the minimum. Successful change requires that people at all organisational levels understand the change drivers and objectives as well their own role to fulfil them. Personal understanding and commitment will lead to higher success rates and job satisfaction. Elina has vast experience in developing safety, environment and quality systems in the service and industry sectors. Having studied wood processing technology and worked in paper mills, her motto is KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid. Elina’s consulting and trainings are practical and down-to-earth, she talks about issues and frameworks by using an understandable common language. She accelerates change by getting the needed messages through, thereby ensuring results improvement. Elina finds continuous self-improvement and learning important. This is made possible by creating safe and constructive development environments, where creative and bold ideas are appreciated and brought to life.


  • Standards and audits (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ETJ+)
  • Change management
  • Environmental, sustainability and safety management
  • Assessment and development of safety culture
  • Co-creation and facilitation
  • Process development and continuous improvement

Past projects

EHQS management systems for companies:

  • Management system audits and trainings
  • Ways to improve safety including occupational health and wellbeing (ISO45001)
  • Ideas to manage environmental aspects (ISO14001)
  • Tools to increase process efficiency and quality (ISO9001)
  • Small steps to improve energy efficiency (ETJ+)
  • Client oriented safety card education (TTK)
  • KSS Energia, Lappeenrannan Energia, Suur-Savon Sähkö, Kemijoki Oy, Arom-dekor Kemi Oy

Good to know

  • The nature is above us setting perspective for everything
  • I am part of nature when sailing – Navigare necesse est
  • Super Scout – I am Prepared!
  • Downhill skiing instructor from 1995
  • Consumer of music – everywhere, all the time
  • Flowers should be placed everywhere

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