Eva Grieshuber

Getting things moving – that is what drives Eva Grieshuber. As a consultant she lives out this impulse very much to the delight of her clients: sometimes that means providing an impetus or offering new perspectives. But it also means bringing structure to projects. She loves delving into new issues and challenges and working with people. Following her degree studies (business administration and environmental system sciences) she took her first job literally: As university assistant for innovation and entrepreneurship, she was instrumental in creating the first chair for entrepreneurship in Austria. After a few years at the university she had no regrets about making the jump from theory to practice, after all, consultancy is about being curious and learning from one another. Eva Grieshuber's work is focused on change processes and agile transformation, making organizations fit for the future. With these areas she assumes a variety of roles: social process designer, moderator, sounding board and coach for executives and trainer for change project managers.


  • Strategic corporate development
  • Change processes and agile transformation
  • Change management training
  • Sparring with in-house change project managers
  • Team and organizational development

Past Projects

  • Evonik Industries
  • BMW
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • European Chemicals Agency

Good to Know

  • Keeping moving is important to her in her personal life too, preferably in the form of sport and travel.
  • Alongside the roles assumed by her in her professional life, there is one role above all that matters greatly to her: that of mother to a young daughter.

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