Mónika Holcsa

Monika is a committed supporter of integrated development, meaning to consider the physical, spiritual and mental domains and all of them in interaction with the environment. During her leadership development programs, for example, her objective is to improve leadership skills and personalities by preserving or regaining physical and spiritual health in order to achieve an outstanding performance. When it comes to processes, she is a strong believer in co-creation. After studying psychology, she obtained a postgraduate degree in organization development supervision. Her professional experience reflects itself mostly in the support of organizations and leaders, but also in the framework of two shorter excursions (2 and 3 years long) Monika took on the leading role of consulting teams too. In the first case she was the leader of consultants who supported professional training, in the second, she was the head of a life coach team at a leader supporting, preventive clinic.


  • Change Management
  • Leadership development, coaching
  • Cooperation development, team coaching
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness

Past Projects

  • Telekom Hungary Nyrt
  • LUK Savaria
  • T-Systems Magyarország
  • Bridgestone Magyarország
  • Trans-sped

Good to Know

  • Her biggest passion: springboard diving.
  • She is a regular yoga practitioner and gives prevention-yoga classes for retirees as a volunteer .
  • Loves taking pictures with her camera (not smartphone).
  • As a nature lover, she left the busy city and now lives with her family in a beautiful small village close to the Danube (and to Budapest).

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