Kinga Illyés

During her accountancy and finance studies, Kinga started to question if financial results truly reflect the sustainability and prosperousness of an organization. Most of the assets that companies base their success on can become outdated, be destroyed, lost or beaten by a competitor. She strongly believes that the biggest assets of an organization are the people who work there, their knowledge and skills, as well as the organizational culture, the structures that enable those people to build the future of that organization. Kinga sees her role in supporting to develop, exploit and let flourish the biggest asset of a company by cooperation enhancement, skills development, facilitating experimental learning experiences as well as process audits and their improvement. She completed her studies at the Corvinus University of Budapest with specializations in organization development and accounting and spent semesters in Canada and Kazakhstan, which enhanced her skills of understanding different viewpoints and cultures.


  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Cooperation enhancement programs
  • Team building, outdoor experiences
  • Leadership skills assessment & development
  • Process auditing

Past Projects

  • Wonderduck Agency Zrt.
  • Bridgestone Hungary
  • Festo
  • Profirent

Good to Know

  • Sports lover: combat sports (savate/boxe-francaise), mountain sports (high mountaineering, rock climbing), paragliding
  • Vegetarian to be
  • Passionate about business ideas related to sustainability and social integration

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