Ivó Nemes

„He who learns, but doesn’t change has learned nothing.” Ivó’s motto includes his fundamental counseling approach as well as his general attitude towards things. He believes that on the road to change, it is most important to start being aware of the acquired skills in order for them to become unconscious competences. With 15 years of senior management experience at international automotive supplier companies, he is convinced that it is not enough to deal only with the „hard” side, the development of the „soft” areas in organizations is just as important to guarantee long-term sustainable change. After he graduated as a quality assurance engineer, he immersed himself in the extensive knowledge of quality techniques. Afterwards he gained economics degree in logistics, which he completed by MBA at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The proof of his success is that the organization he led for 12 years expanded tenfold and its profitability was consistently above the market average during that period. As a CEO he gained system-wide international coach qualification in order to develop his soft skills.


  • Process optimization, project management
  • Quality management
  • Lean operation and manufacturing excellence
  • Leadership development at different levels of the organization

Past Projects

  • Kayser Automotive Hungária Ltd.
  • Nolato Ltd.
  • CSABAcast Könnyűfémöntöde Ltd.
  • Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Ltd.
  • WAHL Hungária Ltd.
  • Wellis Hungary Zrt.

Good to Know

  • He travels a lot, loves getting to know new countries, cultures and people living there
  • He spends time at Lake Balaton and St. George Mountain, where he is sailing, running and cycling regularly
  • Nowadays he often plays tennis

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