Juha Kontiainen

Juha is passionate about helping people grow into better leaders and developers of their own work. This is conveyed to the client through a deep interest in the need for help and a “shining eye” in coaching situations. Juha brings his experience to clients, based on his engineering and marketing studies and years of working in diverse management roles in industry. Thanks to his background, Juha perceives the client's situation and needs with exceptional accuracy. Juha is motivated by customer results and learning from people. This is reflected in the results of the projects he manages: more efficient operations, happier staff - and grateful customers. The feedback Juha receives from clients is extremely positive. The client's comment, "Great results and not having to explain everything to Juha from the beginning because we've been working together for years," illustrates Juha's commitment to long-term client relationships. Alongside his coaching work, Juha is actively developing new products and services for clients.


  • Participatory leadership and interaction skills
  • Developing a safety culture towards 100% safety
  • Team development
  • Developing management teams towards team-like operations
  • Describing and developing operational processes

Past Projects

  • Valmet Technologies
  • Nokian Tyres
  • Metso
  • Boliden Kokkola
  • AEL
  • EPEC Oy
  • Metsä Group
  • Ruukki Construction
  • Uponor Oy
  • Fazer Bakeries and confectionery

Good to Know

In his free time, a great passion is photography, especially in nature.

Juha is one of the developers of the successful method “Processive Leadership approach – 10 Tools for Leadership”, which has also been published as a book.

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