Kai Laamanen

Kai is a leading expert in Business Process Management in Finland. He challenges leaders and employees with the question: “How does our organization create value?” Kai thinks that the easiest way to understand value creation is to describe the organizational activities as processes. When the process is understood, we can set strategy-aligned targets for value creation and develop the process via agile and innovative experiments. Kai has helped around 70 organizations of the healthcare and manufacturing sector as well as expert service providers during his career of 30 years as a consultant. He has written 14 books on organizational development. Presently, he´s focusing on Change Management. He has written the book “Inspiring renewal – sustainable growth” with his colleagues Anssi Juutilainen and Teijo Räsänen. Kai studied technical physics and earned a licentiate degree.


  • Business Process Management:  
  • Performance Management  
  • Strategic Management 
  • Change Management

Past Projects

  • Osuuspankkiryhmä  
  • Pirkanmaa Healthcare district  
  • Alko  
  • Kuopio city  
  • Sato  
  • Fennia  
  • Sarlin  
  • Finnish Quality Association 

Good to Know

  • He´s a passionate golfer and believes that a happy life consists of moments in which we have clear targets that are challenging to achieve and where we get immediate feedback if we´ve been successful after every action. Kai is sure that golf fulfills these criteria very well.  

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