Katri Auvinen

Katri Auvinen

In line with her motto – ”What you learn without joy, you forget without sorrow,” Katri seeks to develop forms of collaborative learning that make learning both enjoyable and insightful. Creating dynamic and positive learning situations combines a skill with a passion – to help individuals and organizations, often leaders in organizations, grow and succeed. Katri is specialized in bespoken, blended learning processes which allow participants to combine the learning with their real work as well as possible. She has a large toolbox of facilitation methods and exercises suitable for groups of differing sizes, including innovative practices for virtual collaboration. Because of her long experience in and with multicultural organizations, built on her two degrees in translation and international marketing, understanding different cultures and communicating with people of different backgrounds come naturally to her.


  • Leadership development 
  • Organizational development, team development, team coaching 
  • Virtual collaboration and facilitation, leading virtual teams 
  • Change management 
  • Multicultural public sector organizations 

Past Projects

  • Most European institutions, many European agencies and bodies 
  • Estonian Government Office 
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications (Finland) 
  • WHO 
  • BASF 
  • Danske Bank 
  • Nestlé 
  • Galderma 

Good to Know

  • Living in Brussels for 20 years 
  • Biggest success: two Brussels born daughters with perfect even if home-learned Finnish  
  • Summer holidays on a small, rocky island in a big Finnish lake – with no electricity or other comforts  
  • Passion for interior design 

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