Kristiina Kiviharju

Sustainable results are best achieved with processes that enable people to work in a customer centric manner towards strategic goals. The central factor in successful change is a common understanding of customer needs, and how to create value for the customer. This is true in both successful innovation commercialization as well as in improving the flow efficiency of service processes. Kristiina’s core competences are consulting, coaching and sparring the development and leadership of processes. Her special interest areas are innovation management, product development and sustainability. Kristiina has a doctorate degree in Engineering and over 20 years of experience in R&D related activities, manufacturing, FMCG business in international markets, as well as leading corporate sustainability. She brings with her a goal and solution oriented approach, which helps customers develop their leadership and processes to better support successful implementation of strategy.


  • Change leadership
  • Innovation management in international B2B and B2C markets
  • Innovation management of FMCG business
  • Sustainability management
  • Quality management

Past Projects

  • Development of FMCG innovation processes
  • Project management tools
  • Development of Sustainability management system
  • Development of One Company approach
  • Process development projects in R&D, customer service and sustainability

Good to Know

  • Squash coach since the 1990’s
  • Loves the nature and traveling to beautiful places

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