Maria Cenușă

Maria has spent the last 8 years of her banking experience being involved in many change projects, from turnaround and business restructuring to building up new departments and reshuffling the existing modus operandi. She is passionate about discovering new ways of working, bringing new models to operating the business and creating synergies between teams with different backgrounds. The business challenges that Maria loves to solve as a consultant are: What is the organizational culture and what are the gaps between the desired state? What is preventing an organization from performing at its best? Is the current structure optimal to allow for fluidity in change projects? How can we instill a way of working that embraces change? What are the relevant growth strategies for a certain organization? How can we measure and monitor performance of change projects? Maria has 12 years of managerial experience; she served as general manager of 2 companies, with standing invitation to become a board member of a bank. Her innovation focus is managing businesses outside main area of expertise with the clear mandate for change and business redesign.


  • Change Management
  • New Ways of Working / Agile in business
  • Automation and Digitization

Past Projects

  • ING Romania: Agile implementation
  • ING Commercial Finance: business and operational integration of the factoring company in the bank
  • ING Lease: initiator of business sale
  • ING Romania: growing the lending department for mid-corporates

Good to Know

  • Passionate about change, seeking what motivates people intrinsically and what drives teams to a common purpose
  • Curious to discover the unique mechanisms of every organisation for me to design an unique approach
  • Constantly curious about the world

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