Markku Räisänen

According to Markku, the key to sustainable growth of an organization lies in inspiring renewal. Markku talks from experience: He worked successfully in line management positions in the pulp and paper industry more than 20 years and after, for a further 10 years in result-oriented management consulting in several organizations, Markku gained a solid reputation as a change management consultant. Markku is driven by change and is passionate about the renewal of processes and leadership by combining soft and hard facts. He is capable of building up engagement equally among top managers and people operating at the shop flow level. “Once Markku’s client, always Markku’s client,” describes his long-term customer relationship and Markku’s own renewal power. His latest core competence development was to gain an EFQM assessor certification. In addition to this, Markku holds a Master of Science in engineering (manufacturing) and an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree. His vast experience and education make Markku an excellent consultant for continuous improvement and the development of concepts and services in the industry and B to B.


  • Change management and renewal processes 
  • Management and leadership skill and capability development 
  • Continuous improvement process and root cause analysis methods 
  • Cultural changes related to safety at work  
  • Project portfolio management development 

Past Projects

  • Botnia Mill Service  
  • Valmet Service  
  • Metsä Group  
  • Lassila&Tikanoja  
  • Metso Flow Control

Good to Know

  • Owner of a house in a place called “Forest People” on Lake Vanajavesi.  
  • Spends his leisure time renovating the house, gardening, sailing and cross-country skiing.
  • His wife, teenage daughter and collie dog keep him busy most of the time – the welfare of his family is most important to him.
  • Dreams about an around-the-world voyage.
  • At the moment Markku is one of the three CEOs in the shared leadership model at Innotiimi-ICG.

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