Veikko Mantere

Veikko Mantere (MSc Tech) is an expert in workshop methods. He has developed workshop tools with his colleagues and supported many development and strategy processes in organizations with participative and creative workshops. These tools, OPERA, GroupExpo and BrainGrouping, have been instilled in the DNA of three generations of leaders. Veikko’s books about these workshop tools have been published in Finnish, English and Swedish. Almost two million people have participated in workshops in which the tools have been used. Veikko is very enthusiastic about systems for supporting innovation. He has participated in the development of the Orchidea Idea Management system. A third of Finnish TOP25 companies use the Orchidea platform in their innovation processes. His knowledge is also in the Orchidea Brainstorming method, a modern and participative digital tool for creating more and better ideas. The core idea in his processes is to offer people a genuine possibility of participating and putting a maximum of their thinking capacity to use. A well done participative process raises the enthusiasm and commitment of all participants for the objectives, the process and the results.


  • Participative and innovative workshop methods
  • Innovation process and systematic innovations
  • Supporting the process for creating and implementing renewing strategies with participative and creative methods
  • Specific digital tools

Past Projects

  • YIT
  • KONE
  • Tekes
  • ExxonMobil
  • Finnish Railways

Good to Know

  • Built the Innotiimi community by being a member of the leadership team, managing director, member and chairman of the board.
  • Has a vast knowledge of modern working methods
  • Has invaluable experience of how to find values for organizations; 2% of the Finnish working population has been in his value processes.

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