We provide audits primarily either for processes and their flow or an organizational and system structure set-up. Initially, we always identify key processes in the organization together with our customer (we call it process model definition), which we then effectively break down and model into details as well as individual process maps. By means of audit tools, we select high potential processes, where we look for opportunities by measuring the productivity and executing several workshops with different stakeholders.

Regarding work styles, we strongly believe in collaboration and co-creation. Based on our experience, when we identify opportunities together with clients in workshops, issues are easily overcome by implementing new methods for analyzing and collaborating. E.g. cultural diagnostics, OPERA together with process mapping, value stream mapping tools and daily productivity snapshots can deliver a clear and fast picture of effectiveness in an organization.

A process audit not only delivers a complete picture of the current performance in selected processes; it also shows the level of cooperation and discovers cultural issues.

We identify opportunities first and then outline some potential solutions. In short “Kaizen” workshops, we develop several solutions that are prioritized for an implementation.