Whenever there is a product for a customer, there is also a flow of value. We are going to teach you how to map the flow and analyze an opportunity within the production processes using the technique called VSM (Value Stream Mapping). We combine teaching of theory with an analytical workshop. You will practice inside of a factory, created using a unique TractorMotive simulation. We refurbished our training procedures and created a practical and intensive lean course for you.

For your own project, an on-line coaching by an experienced consultant is prepared as part of the program.

We are going to focus on techniques that identify waste and opportunity inside processes. Mapping of the value stream will be explained first in theory and for better understanding, we will introduce the procedure in graphical simulation. To assure that our attendees also acquire a practical skill, we will realize a physical mapping throughout a simulated factory. You will go thorough a detailed examination of a workplace using value analysis, throughput analysis and balancing. We will also examine all organizational relations that influence or manage our process and add them to the map of value stream. You will learn how to read between the process steps and how to transform the opportunity found, together with the team, into a realization plan – the map of future state (VSD).

We will hand you over a series of practical tips, usable within diverse industrial environments (electrical engineering, engineering, medical, automotive, custom manufacturing)

Why Lean Value Stream Expert Online Training?

  • Quality professional training from the safety of your home or office
  • Lessons without travel costs and all-day absence
  • Expertise, clarity and easy application in practice
  • Possibility of consulting with experts from other companies
  • Comprehensive LEAN EXPERT training methodology for managers, technicians and Lean specialists
  • Quality guarantee for training
  • The course is part of the European certification program LEAN EXPERT by ICG

What you will learn

  • See waste in processes and identify opportunities for development
  • Proper preparation for application of VSM / VSD technique
  • Value analysis and basics of process balancing
  • Physically map the production and logistics process
  • Compile Value Stream Map (VSM)
  • Suggest future state of value stream (VSD)
  • A key Lean tool that fundamentally influences the manufacturing strategy

How the online training works

  • The course contains 12 lessons per week
  • Lessons are divided into three 4-hour sessions.
  • The training also includes the possibility an internal project consultation and the consultant’s assistance with solving your opportunity.
  • We have prepared videos from the production process for you so we can interactively guide you through the training factory.
  • We have prepared a moderated discussion environment for you. The software allows us to lead the lecture, divide the participants into small teams, and use our share point and prepared materials to involve you in teamwork.
  • We have prepared two presentations. You can download the participant’s presentation and insert electronic notes into it, or print it and work with pen and paper during the training. Facilitation presentation is used by the trainer for detailed explanation of individual topics.


After passing the final examination (more than 80% of the correct answers), participants will receive a certificate of completion of the Lean Value Stream Expert training.
It is also possible to obtain an European Lean Expert certificate, after completing three independent courses of the Lean Expert training program and successfully passing the final tests.

The certification process is already included in the course price! ICG offers free consultation during the training program to successfully complete Lean Expert certification.