Adventure Change Management



1 Day

Target Group

Transformation shapers

Middle managers

HR responsibles

Number Of Participants

8-16 Persons



Have you ever been involved in change processes? Then you certainly know the problems, pitfalls and peculiarities that are associated with them. This seminar, which is based on the successful practical book “Adventure Change Management”, provides a solution. In the course of one exciting day, you will receive a decisive impetus for your change projects from well-established professionals. Using practical tools, you will experience first-hand what change management means in everyday life. In this workshop we will work with you on:

  • understanding the logic of success and failure,
  • removing blockades, working on resistance,
  • identifying new perspectives for change projects,
  • getting concrete tools for your own daily change routine,
  • learning from the experiences of others in order to avoid pitfalls,
  • increasing your own desire for the “adventure of change management”.

You might want to attend this seminar if …

  • … you are an experienced change professional and are looking for fresh impulses.
  • … you have a change project coming up and want to do better.
  • … there is a spanner in the works and you ask yourself “- how can things move forward”?
  • … you are a project participant and “those at the top” want to change you.
  • … you have a delicate meeting coming up and the topic is change.
  • … you are looking for a consultant for your change project.
  • … you are tired of hearing the word “change management”.

The way it works

  • Receive compact impetus based on the content of the book
  • Experience change first hand through experiments
  • Engage in small group discussions in innovative settings
  • Work on own practical cases
  • Network with participants and share practical experiences


  • Dynamic introduction to the topic of change
  • How change can become a success, why change often fails
  • Ten aspects of change that need to be managed
  • Tools to get people and organizations moving and shape the future
  • Designing an agile roadmap for a change movement
  • Experience a change process
  • Using dynamics, conflicts and resistance in a positive way
  • Learning from practical examples from participants and the ICG in small groups
  • Communicating change effectively
  • Pitch „ Our Top 10 Change Tools“

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