Franz Schwarenthorer

Removing blockages, setting things into motion, pulling together for the common good, promoting open dialog and creating joy within organizations – that is what drives Franz Schwarenthorer and motivates him in his job. It was while studying for a degree in business management that the desire grew in him to one day become an organizational consultant. This led him to the decision to specialize in corporate governance and management, completing training as a lifestyle and social consultant as well as management coach. He then went on to expand on his knowledge with a Master’s degree in systemic organizational development. But right after his studies he wanted to get to know the world of business and spent several years working for IBM’s Eastern European division and then in development cooperation. He has been advising organizations for more than 20 years and seeks out exciting variety in the work he undertakes: he assists government departments and regional administrations in administrative modernization; healthcare facilities, social organizations and theaters / museums in issues of strategic alignment and leadership development; industrial corporations in large transformation processes and questions of change management. Another task that he enjoys is moderating major events.


  • Change management, agile transformation
  • Agile organization, new organization forms
  • Large group moderation
  • Executive development
  • Strategic realignment
  • (Leadership) training on the above-mentioned topics

Past Projects

  • A1
  • General hospital of Vienna
  • BMW Group
  • Municipial authorities of Vienna
  • Cultural holding of Lower Austria
  • Veterinary university
  • Hilfswerk Vienna

Good to Know

  • Keeps fit with mountain biking, sailing, tennis, skiing and ski tours.
  • Plays the piano, sings in a choir, attends the theater, opera and museums. His cultural highlights: The Vienna Festival, the Salzburg Festival, the Music Society, the Venice Biennale.
  • Mindfulness and meditation help him to remain centered and energized.

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