Why cultural change is imminent.

Throughout the current crisis, the strengths and barriers of corporate culture have become come to the surface many organizations. Corporate values and beliefs become particularly tangible when people get thrown out of their comfort zone. Now, this “true” culture needs to be explored and steered towards future success.

This is not the time for “soft” cultural work. Culture must always be aligned with the business and the purpose. To make a corporation’s culture fit for the time after Covid-19, we need new experiences that can lead to new attitudes and behavior.

Using the “Culture Transformation Canvas”, we will show you how to identify the strengths and barriers of your culture, and how to find the best levers for effective cultural change.

What you can expect to take away

  • Easy-to-understand in-depth knowledge for making senior management aware of the importance of corporate culture for businesses
  • Methods and tools for exploring your corporate culture
  • The seven levers for making an effective cultural change beyond campaigns
  • A Culture Canvas for your corporate situation – after the seminar, you will have your own customized transformation map.

The program

  • Interactive introduction to the topic
  • What does corporate culture mean and why does it need a cultural change right now?
  • How does culture emerge and why does cultural change so often fail?
  • How can cultural transformation be represented using the Culture Canvas?
  • Tools for exploring your corporate culture
  • Linking cultural change to a business – how does that work?
  • The seven levers for sustainable cultural transformation
  • Opportunity to work on your Culture Canvas so you can implement the things you have learned right after returning to your company

The workshop includes compact impetus, dialog sessions in break-out rooms, and exciting experience sequences.