Boehringer Ingelheim operates a production site in Vienna as part of its global biopharmaceutical network. After the decision was made to expand the site significantly, it was necessary to define and design the set-up for the entire site. For this purpose, there were some defined cornerstones defined, such as technology, size, etc., as well as guidelines that had to be applied in the concrete design of the organization. Central to this was the concept of the “focused factory,” i.e., essentially the focus on a specific technology and core processes, as well as “agility, accountability and intrapreneurship, AAI for short” as general guidelines for the design of the organization, management, and corporate culture.  

In a process lasting around two years, the aim was to define the framework and objectives for setting up the factory/s, develop, evaluate and select various options for factories and site functions, and design them in detail. In parallel with the organization’s conceptual design – processes, structures, leadership – the main task was also to prepare the existing organization for the upcoming change and, at the same time, to lay the foundations for growth at the site.  

This was done in the lead by the management team with intensive, structured involvement of and experts and communication with employees as well as other relevant stakeholders.

The concept developed in the preparatory process, and above all the established work structures and involvement, has made a significant contribution to ensuring that the site’s development is managed well despite the complexity and size of the project – e.g., employee growth of significantly more than 100%.