Structured work with the future

More often than you think, there are already clear signs of future developments. However, we often fail to read these signs correctly. This is because we observe the world with old habits of thinking. Precisely at this point, we use the Strategy Canvas, a pretty simple system to get out of our usual thinking grooves.

The first part of the Strategy Canvas is based on the research work of the German Zukunftsinstitut, which deals with the analysis of trends and future developments. The central consideration is the impact, i.e., the effects of Covid-19, climate change, political events, and the trend around New Work. We have based our development on the Trend Impact Canvas and further developed it as a Strategy Canvas for our strategy consulting.

With the first part of the Strategy Canvas, the Impact Canvas, a very compact and holistic assessment of the strategic environment and strategic options for action can be carried out. In simple terms, it is about organizing information and reducing complexity. In this way, risks and potentials can be identified, and relevant fields of action can be derived.

The starting point is how a specific (possible) event or trend will affect our business and our organization. Specifically: something is happening in the world – currently the (after)effects of Covid – and from this, there are sometimes quite generic derivations of impact. For the dimensions of people, society, and the economic environment, good triggers are available from the research work of the Zukunftsinstitut.

Strategy Canvas

One can use the Strategy Canvas as a pure analysis canvas by examining the impact/triggers of the trends on the existing markets, products, processes, and organization. This helps to formulate the most important strategic questions. It is now more exciting to think in terms of new opportunities.

Building on the triggers, a strategic dialogue then starts: what do these triggers mean for me? What impact does it have on my economic and social environment? What effect does it have on my industry? What are the most exciting strategic questions for me at this point? And now it gets creative. Now your entrepreneurial spirit is challenged: what does this mean for my offerings, products? What am I doing new/different?

And with these new solutions and services, I can then explore what impact this has on my processes and organization, leadership, etc.

Analysis of own organization and development of strategic options – from right to left
E.g., “What is the impact of Covid-19 on our business and organization?”

Strategy Canvas - Analysis of own organization and development of strategic options - from right to left

So, this Strategy Canvas gives the strategic dialog a very quality entry point about the results and findings of futures research and subsequently helps structure thoughts, reduce complexity and quickly work out the most relevant strategic levers.