Leadership Lab

We give leaders an opportunity to become aware of all the factors that make them perform at their best and to reinforce them, and to identify practical ways (mindset and emotional state) to come back to their best when they realize they are not there anymore.

The Lab: Learning Is a Process

Managers already do a fairly good job, they are valuable and they should not become ‘somebody else’ to perform better – this realization is our starting point. The purpose of this approach is to help leaders to move from “being good” to “being at their best.” This journey is going to be different for each leader, since they are different people with different sets of skills, talents, competences, experiences and backgrounds. Therefore, this process operates at a deeper level for the participants and that is also the reason for the 3-month duration of the lab.

What you can expect in a Leadership Lab?

The lab contains the following:

  • Three workshops where you learn within a group
  • Individual reflection and practice between the workshops
  • Optional face-to-face group coaching discussions to deepen your understanding
  • An optional ‘learning buddy’ – a group-mate for peer learning
  • A “Lab Book” – a booklet containing the essentials of the lab
  • A self-learning opportunity with an interactive e-book to support and develop your learning further.


You will define the roles of the managers and what is expected of them by gaining awareness of managerial identity and values.


You will understand how emotions influence leadership styles and effectiveness.


Together we discover your individual authentic leadership style through a reflective learning process.

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