Hans Bodingbauer

“Every conversation with him is a reassuring source of inspiration and confidence!” This customer testimony is a fitting way to describe HR and organizational developer Hans Bodingbauer’s approach to work. Over a career spanning almost 30 years, he has accumulated experience as a teacher, researcher, manager and entrepreneur; this, in combination with his training in systemic consultancy and executive coaching, has turned him into a sought-after consultant and management coach. Managers of multinational corporations as well as SMEs and start-ups hold the natural scientist’s vision and ability to keep things in perspective in very high regard. Identifying relevant patterns and supporting both individuals and the group to achieve optimum results are what drive and motivate him. Golf has taught him humility and his engagement as a pro-bono consultant for social companies and start-ups has allowed him to learn from the younger generation and left him in no doubt that quality of cooperation contributes decisively to the quality of the solution.


  • Organizational and team development
  • Leadership development and leadership training
  • Cultural transformation
  • Guides personal and organizational change processes
  • Executive coaching

Past Projects

  • Bayer Crop Science
  • Bayer Digital Farming
  • BASF
  • IFN-Holding
  • Evologic Technologies (pro-bono)
  • Magna Steyr
  • Magna Powertrain
  • Neuroth AG
  • Ashoka Europe and Ashoka CEE (pro bono)

Good to Know

  • Loves the smell of pine while woodcarving.
  • Has managed a successful 30 ft. putt.
  • Loves seeing his kids’ eyes light up when adventuring into the great outdoors.
  • Enjoys exchanging views with young activists.
  • Has a keen interest in neurobiology and behavioral research.
  • Is a firm believer in meditation and the power of thoughts.

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