Peter Nausner

A civil engineer by trade, Peter Nausner’s enthusiasm for consultancy is primarily attributable to his early interest in social issues. After undergoing further training in client-centered counseling, he held positions as an author and director for Austrian Radio (ORF) for a number of years. Alongside this he set up several companies (book stores and a publishing house), managing them for more than 30 years. That is almost as long as he has spent working as a consultant specializing in project economics. His experience as an engineer and his studies (majoring in TV and film production) provided a solid basis for this. For over 20 years he has taught project economics, project management and concept development at universities both at home and abroad. His second consulting specialism, organizational development, primarily in public institutions, came as a result of a desire to understand social interaction. Here his range of activities includes not only the support of various reform projects, but also the development of innovative ideas and solution approaches.


  • All aspects of project-oriented organization and business activity
  • Strategic and organizational development
  • Holistic management of reform processes
  • Research and development (studies)
  • Innovation and product management
  • Coaching of executives

Past Projects

  • Reform of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • Reform of the Labor Market Service Vienna; Regionalization of the LMS Styria
  • Development of various courses, e.g. International Project Management, Project- and Business Development, Social Capital Management
  • Organizational Development RmData-Group
  • Study (Styrian Research Council): “Social Innovation”
  • Consultancy and support of the Styrian disabled assistance

Good to Know

  • Multicultural background and now the “clan elder” of a large international family.
  • Engagement for social affairs.
  • Enthusiastic sailor who loves to cook for friends and family.

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