Richard Hübner

Richard is in top form when it comes to facing complex challenges and developing solution strategies. With this strength and expertise, Richard accompanies his customers through difficult project phases. His core competence is to find something good in every challenge – because only then sustainable development and change are possible. Digitalization is a great challenge for many organizations – with his experience from his own start-up to now more than 20 digitalization projects, Richard provides strategy development and implementation support. For him, the interaction between people, a culture suitable for digitalization, and a coordinated approach to digital technologies play decisive roles. Before founding dignit, he was a promitto organizational consultancy managing partner with major projects in the healthcare sector, banking, and public administration. Richard Hübner has learned a very effective method for successful change in Theory U (MIT / C. Otto Scharmer). He studied international economic sciences at the University of Innsbruck and ESC Rouen and, before going freelance, held senior management roles at Alcatel in Stuttgart, Antwerp, and Paris.


  • Digitalization strategy & digital transformation
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Focus on public administration (federal, state, municipal companies)

Past Projects

  • Ottakringer Beverages
  • Holding Graz
  • Grüne Erde
  • atms
  • Energy Burgenland
  • Federal hospital holding of Lower Austria
  • Unicredit/ Bank Austria
  • Adult education centers Vienna
  • Raiffeisen Federal Bank of Upper Austria

Good to Know

  • Likes climbing mountains and enjoys city living.
  • Likes working in English.
  • Likes to spend as much time as possible with his three children.

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