Professional design

Integration processes are a special challenge for all participants and are associated with much uncertainty. We help by designing the integration professionally and quickly. We do this by not following a classic standard approach, but tailoring a rapid and effective integration process to your needs.

Six Success Factors for Effective Post-Merger-Integration

  1. Create clarity regarding the strategy and integration approach
  2. Clarify organizational and personnel matters
  3. Consideration of cultural aspects
  4. Establish the future leadership team
  5. Development of an integration work program
  6. Professional communication and broad anchoring in the company

In order to make the process effective, an emotional mobilization of key people must take place, meaningful visions of the future must be developed, and rapid successes must be achieved together. Furthermore, a mood has to be created in which authentic communication and joint learning create a strong “we-feeling” and believes in the future. We have decades of experience at all these tasks – therefore we support you in mastering them in your organization.


By accompanying you in the process, giving you orientation, and involving your employees from the start, you are able to adjust the right parameters, ensure broad acceptance, and make safe decisions which are based on an information positioning analysis and professional, pragmatic concept.