Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online is an intensive online training with “live” presentation, based on state of the art digital tools. This training is an ideal entry to the world of process improvement through the Lean and Six Sigma methodology.

We will explain concepts of process transformation, Lean and Six Sigma and DMAIC, which are applicable both in the production environment as well as in service organizations. During the training we present a set of virtual and workshop tools and techniques for solving (not only) process problems in order to work easier, better and always to the satisfaction of customers.

Who will benefit from the training? Everyone! The training is suitable for specialists, administrative workers, project and process managers, process owners – simply for anybody who wants to improve their work effectively.

The entire course is conducted online using professional digital platforms. Lecturers provide “live” presentation, moderate virtual workshops (yes it is really possible), conduct simulations throughout the course and answer your questions.

You will learn to

  • Understand the importance of process improvement in every organization.
  • Master the basic analytical tools and creative approaches for problem solution process.
  • Learn approaches of Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Acquire DMAIC methodology (method how to manage projects).
  • Learn how to support process improvement projects.
  • Identify waste and inefficiencies in day to day work.

Why Yellow Belt Online Training?

  • Experienced lecturer supports participants during the course.
  • Maintaining the basic pillars from Standard course: Simulation game, team work (virtual), explanation with electronic white-board (ipad), online test questions and test and certification itself.
  • This model provides teaching without travel costs and full-time absence from work.
  • Everything is based on the use of new digital tools ZOOM, Menti, Miro and Odoo platform – a modern and efficient form of digital collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Possibility of discussions with other participants from other companies in real time through virtual mini-workshops with digital applications.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – we will return 25% of the fee back in case of subject dissatisfaction
  • Training materials provided online
Watch video: Our perspective on online trainings Watch video: Our perspective on online trainings

Consultants Milan Gazdík and Libor Čadek are reflecting the development of online trainings and discuss positives, challenges and describe the whole journey and toolset used in our virtual sessions.
Watch video: 4 Key success factors of our online trainings Watch video: 4 Key success factors of our online trainings

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