How to link cultural transformation to business and find the most effective measures? Our Culture Canvas provides orientation.

Many cultural transformation projects are only a flash in the pan. Value campaigns quickly fizzle out or fail to create credible change. With the Culture Transformation Canvas, your culture initiative gets traction and creates the necessary impact for the business. The three essential steps in doing so are:

  1. Establish clarity on current “pain points” in the business and future goals.
  2. Explore the existing culture using various tools and create a common picture of what should remain the same in terms of behavior and mindset and what needs to change.
  3. Define concrete cultural measures using 7 levers: These range from creating new experiences through sprints, leading by example by executives, adjustments in incentive systems, creating symbols and spatial environments and new communication formats, to personnel decisions to create the cultural conditions for the future business.

The tool helps all executives, HR professionals, and change experts to take culture change out of the “soft corner” and hard at the business. It makes cultural transformation tangible for business leaders and gives it the importance of creating an organization fit for the future.

During the webinar you will gain a new perspective on culture transformation and you will take away concrete tools to start using in your organization.