Jan Solvberg

Seeing a client taking a step that they did not know existed is Jan's foremost passion. "Helping them on this journey is a privilege that inspires me every day," says Jan. As a consultant ,he creates an arena for learning and development that he strives to always link to the organizations' goals - financial or other. He tries to inspire the leadership of the organization to take an active role as decision makers – involving their colleagues as much as possible – and as role models. Helping his clients to develop, grow and become more prosperous is his goal. Jan "grew up" in a factory, so it´s no surprise that his first degree was in mechanical engineering. He then went to Glasgow to earn a BSc in Computing Science and subsequently, his MBA. As you can imagine, Jan has diversity both in education and with the clients he works with, even including coaching world champions in sports.


  • Leadership development 
  • Coaching (ICF ACC) 
  • Change processes 
  • Innovation 
  • Sales training

Past Projects

  • EU institutions
  • Tech equipment
  • Storms
  • SMB
  • Vianor/NOKIA

Good to Know

  • Likes to go for long runs in the forest. 
  • Has a passion for vintage American cars. 
  • Plans to eventually build a mountain cabin from scratch. 
  • Sometimes attaches a board to his feet and surfs the water or snow. 

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