Jannina Hämäläinen

Jannina is a passionate problem solver who tends to get her best ideas when things start to seem difficult. She is also a developer who naturally loves to reflect on how things could be done better. Jannina is inter-ested in coaching, leadership, motivation (and its origins), and facilitation. Jannina knows a lot about individual differences and the challenges and possibilities that come with them. "Understanding the natural differences between people is an excellent base for any development work, it is the key to solving many conflicts and mis-understandings, but it also helps us to see the amaz-ing potential we all have in us. We are different, and that is not a bad thing." Janni is impressed by the efficiency and skillfully done prioritizing, but insights often require a relaxed and safe environment that Janni loves creating.


  • Participatory processes and engagement
  • Team and leadership development
  • Self-management
  • Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Research
  • Excellent language skills in Finnish, French, Swedish, and English
  • Quick understanding of complex entities, good problem-solving skills

Past Projects



Good to Know

  • Innotiimi junior consultant 2023-
  • Lives in Turku and loves it
  • Former top orienteer
  • Enjoys skiing and running, and is especially happy with a book in her hands
  • Master of Science (Technology) 2018, Aalto university
  • Innotiimi coaching (certification in 2016)
  • LTA Coach certification (2015)

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