Jürgen Kern

Initiating progress, creating new opportunities, and drawing attention to potential, in addition to process optimization are Jürgen Kern´s central interests. After graduating from the technical college, he was responsible for implementing optical sorting systems in the process industry worldwide. in day-to-day customer contact, Jürgen sharpened his view of the differences between the perspective of internal product development and actual customer requirements and wishes in various cultures. During his subsequent study of process engineering, Jürgen got involved in his brother's start-up, the “Quetschn Academy” where he acquired in-depth knowledge of the world of digital media and digital business models. Managing the "Holzkerns Quetschn World GmbH" is his second pillar, in addition to consulting. Jürgen learned to think and act entrepreneurially in practice - the “Effectuation” framework enables him to pass on his experience through consulting.


  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting (effectuation)
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Product development & process optimization
  • Digital business fields
  • Agile working

Project Experiences

  • Andritz AG
  • AVL List GmbH
  • u-institut
  • Green Tech Cluster
  • WeGraz
  • Quetschn Academy
  • and further Startup initiatives

Good to Know

  • In his free time he prefers to be outdoors, the couch is just for reading
  • Enjoys sport in all its facets, except soccer 😉
  • Likes to perform on the Styrian harmonica
  • Quetschn Academy
  • Destinations: Corsica, Mauritius & Tierra del Fuego

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