Matti Perttula

Not even the best ideas commercialize themselves. Innovation requires the ability to find new solutions as well as business discipline to implement them. Matti maps out the best frameworks and models for development and brings them to life with practical experiences and examples. His consulting is energetic, participatory and right-to-the-point. Having grown up in the Design Thinking school of thought, he is bright-minded and not afraid to challenge the existing ways of working. He gets fired up by challenges and always seeks to find the best solutions and deliver sustainable results. He studied at Aalto University (TKK back then) and has vast practical experience from over one hundred development projects in the manufacturing industry. His motto is: ”Just do it, but do it really well.”


  • Innovation management 
  • Innovation process development 
  • Innovation workshop facilitation 
  • Life cycle and solution management 
  • Design Thinking 
  • Lean product and service development

Past Projects

  • Lujatalo 
  • Certego 
  • Ensto 
  • Insta Group 
  • Veho 
  • Seaking 
  • I-Valo 
  • Epec 
  • Jyväskylän Yliopisto (eMBA)

Good to Know

  • Believes that Lean and Design Thinking are the best models out there to boost your innovation  
  • Active outdoors and sportsman in free time, mostly working out at the gym, fishing, running and swimming

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