Pia Rotko

Smooth interaction is like blood circulation: creativity and information flow when people feel good and they are met and heard. Pia supports managers, teams and different project groups in various kinds of interaction situations. Her role can be, for example, mentor, workplace mediator, coach or facilitator. As an expert on meeting people, Pia takes care of her clients with a sensitive touch. One of her specific skills is promoting group interaction in tense situations. She sees differences of opinion as interesting challenges, in which an attentive working method is the most efficient. While mentoring groups, Pia brings matters to light, asks relevant questions, listens, is present, and enhances the participants’ spontaneity and creativity. She takes care of the participants, so that everyone can contribute their best to the collective process. Pia is called to aid, for example in big projects, in which interaction that bridges silos is needed, as is building community in a confidential atmosphere. If necessary, Pia serves as a support during the whole project, helping to direct energy towards achieving goals productively. ”Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves”, is the motto quoted from J.M. Barrie. What inspires Pia is supporting managers, teams and groups so that they succeed, get excited and cope on a daily basis.


  • Change coaching (management, teams, individuals, processes)
  • Workplace mediation
  • Interaction training and scenario work
  • Co-operation between stakeholders
  • Thorough knowledge of the characteristics of public administration and research

Past Projects

  • Natural Resources Institute
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • PEAB
  • Ruukki Construction
  • The Finnish Environment Institute
  • Several Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
  • Valio
  • Ministry of the Environment

Good to Know

  • Pia recharges by moving around in nature in several ways with her family and dog
  • Gets easily excited about new things

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