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Tarja-Maaria Tuosa

“If I can help even one person to have better work-life, I´ll be grateful”, Tarja-Maaria was dreaming while doing her Master´s Degree in Psychology of Leadership. Tarja-Maaria has not only a good sense with people, but also process-orientated mind. She believes combining these two. Tarja-Maaria´s inspiration flows from people and effective procedures. She has always thought that co-development is the key: when one´s understanding increases, usually his / her commitment does the same. With a clear goal she strives with client to achieve better functioning business spiced with humor and good energy.


  • Participative leadership and interaction skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Change management projects

Past Projects

  • Organizational change projects
  • Improving team communication
  • Leadership coaching


Good to Know

  • Loves outdoor sports, especially board sports
  • Is always in the process of learning something new
  • Sees the positive side of things

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