Unlocking business growth through innovation: accelerate success! Concepts and tools to fast-track your initiatives.

Are you responsible for steering your company towards new horizons of growth and prosperity? And do you experience this as a journey fraught with challenges? Are you missing well-defined innovation objectives in your business? Are you facing resistance to change and risk aversion? Is your organization struggling with efficiency in its innovation processes? And are you an Innovation Manager, Business development manager or R&D manager, eager to steer your company toward new horizons of growth? Explore how to fast track your initiatives and accelerate success.

Join us for an inspiring webinar that will introduce you with the tools, insights, and strategies to unlock the full potential of innovation for business growth.

Do you recognize these problems when aiming for business growth?

  1. Resource constraints: there’s a gap between our growth objectives and the additional resources it requires
  2. Ineffective idea generation, prioritization and selection: there is no structured process for idea generation and we have no clear evaluation and selection criteria.
  3. Slow time-to-market: you have lots of growth projects but they don’t reach the market on time. Your organization is insufficiently able to capitalize opportunities and respond to changing market conditions.
  4. Discouraging organisational culture and structure: employees and leadership may resist changes associated with innovation. The existing organizational culture and structure are discouraging risk-taking and experimentation.

So what to do?

  1. Align your growth targets with your available means. Acknowledge gaps and develop a functional innovation strategy that supports your business strategy and focuses on the most promising opportunities.
  2. Create a process for taking rough ideas into projects. Work on establishing agile and flexible innovation processes that allow for rapid idea generation, testing, and implementation. These processes should involve cross-functional teams and clear pathways for ideas to progress from concept to market.
  3. Develop your innovation management system and especially your go-to-market-process. Companies need effective mechanisms for systematically generating, evaluating, and prioritizing ideas. It provides a framework for fostering creativity, managing risks, and aligning innovation efforts with overall business strategy, ultimately leading to improved competitiveness and sustained growth.
  4. Work on the change required by growth and innovation. Acknowledge the skills and competencies needed and fill in the gaps and foster a culture that encourages experimentation and tolerates failure as part of the learning process. Attention for cultural transformation is required. Harness the power of different perspectives and even disagreements into constructing growth opportunities and solutions.

Key benefits of the webinar

In this webinar we will inspire you with insights and tools that help you:

  • define your innovation strategy
  • align your growth targets with the company strategy and objectives
  • control your innovation project portfolio
  • accelerate from rough ideas to market launch with the innovation accelerator
  • cope with resistance to change and risk aversion

We will discuss leading innovation and how you create and advance solutions to sustainable growth.

During the webinar you will gain new perspectives on leading and accelerating innovation and you will take away concrete tools to start using in your organization.

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