From the Beginning

Big system implementation projects, integration and restructuring projects often don´t allow enough room for topics concerning emotional, social behavior and mindsets as well as professionally designed change communication. It´s worth focusing on those topics from an early time on. We strongly suggest making change management and communication its own project or organizing it in a project stream, which means that one person or a small team is responsible for keeping an eye on the change process, steering and developing appropriate interventions and measures. What is equally important is an attractive change story that is understandable to all target groups as well as the design of (dialog-based) communication channels – such as workshops, events, surveys, webinars, social networks or a staff newspaper. Selecting those that are actually going to be used is based on their effectivity. Don´t forget: Even after the initial euphoria, they still need to be maintained consistently.

Change Takes Root

Consciously designed integrated communication and change management is like lubrication for a gear mechanism. The process works, dynamics and resistance are handled professionally, executives get the support they need to live up to their roles within the change and all target groups feel addressed. That might not make it faster, per se, but the desired change takes deeper roots and is sustainable.