Veronika Meszarits

A keen interest in social policy and international cooperation led the business administration graduate to the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and from there to public service. There she oversaw financial reforms at federal, regional and community level over a period of ten years. She specializes in the application of business management approaches and instruments in public organizations as well as public financial management. She feels that the state sector is sometimes underestimated both in terms of its performance as well as its contribution to the wellbeing of society and its citizens. That is why she enjoys supporting organizations and is personally committed to promoting the continuous improvement of these. As Managing Director of the Public Accounting Institute (ICG subsidiary), Veronika Meszarits combines specialist support in the field of financial management with the holistic consulting approach of the ICG too. Alongside this, she makes frequent appearances as an expert speaker, including various university teaching positions at the university campus in Vienna.


  • Application of business management instruments in public administration
  • Strategic and organizational development
  • Holistic management of reform processes
  • Public financial management
  • Budgeting and Accounts regulation: VRV 2015

Past Projects

  • Accompaniment of budget reforms at federal state, state and local level
  • Trainings on financial management and VRV 2015
  • Federal state Burgenland: Impact Orientation
  • Evaluation Guide for Burgenland municipalities
  • City of Graz: Change of accounting system

Good to know

  • Likes foreign cultures and ways of life, but also appreciates her own.
  • Enjoys design, architecture and good food.
  • Can often be found enjoying concerts and cabaret shows.
  • Finds balance in sporting activities and family.

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