Gain Positive Energy

We help you on your way to a successful future; not by choosing a traditional approach, but by using agile transformation processes which create positive energy and reduce fears, resistance and a waiting attitude. The elements of a transformation powered by ICG: An on business focused emotional mobilization of the key people, the development of meaningful pictures of the future and the common work on quick successes. Furthermore, we help you create a spirit that fosters a strong sense of unity und faith in the future by means of authentic communication and common learning.

Our agile transformation processes are oriented on six building blocks tailored to the needs of our clients. Nowadays, change is mainly a movement where at the beginning, intrinsically motivated change pioneers get together. After that, volunteers with a common ambition who are willing to get involved need to be found quickly. With the help of a so-called “2nd operating mode,” preserving forces can be overcome and successes can be achieved with a lot of energy using new working methods. Well-known agile methods like sprints, Rapid Results initiatives or Design Thinking are helpful in the process.

True Change

Transformation supported by us causes true cultural change, strengthens future viability and solves the business problems that triggered the need for transformation in the first place. Change isn’t reflected in pretty concepts, but in the sustainable changed behavior of employees and executives.