The self of the leader
Leading from within

Embark with us on a journey of self-discovery and leadership mastery – exploring leadership roles and organisational dynamics

We will explore the core aspects of leadership and gain insights and tools that can inspire a new approach to leadership:

  • Redefining Roles: Gain a fresh perspective on the key concept of “role,” particularly your own “leadership role,” in a way that goes beyond traditional definitions.
  • Navigating complexity: Develop a deep, nuanced understanding of complex leadership situations, enabling you to navigate them with confidence.
  • Harnessing Intuition: Explore how the conscious use of intuition and gut feelings can significantly enhance your leadership capabilities.
  • Informed Decision Making: Be guided to make more informed decisions and take the right actions to increase your leadership effectiveness.

Course Content

  • Role management at the intersection of personal, professional and organizational worlds – balancing the facets of leadership roles
  • Role analysis and biography exercise: explore and reflect on your understanding of leadership roles and how you got here in the first place
  • Conscious and unconscious dynamics that affect the leader’s success – Exploring the organizational dynamics that underlie decision making

Takeaways / Benefits

  • Understand and balance my professional and personal roles
  • Practical tool for self-analysis as a leader
  • Reflection and sharing with peers